7 IN High Fidelity Ceiling Speaker

Bogen 7 In High Fidelity Ceiling Speaker in Installation Equipment - Bogen Accessories


- Bogen high-fidelity, small-footprint loudspeaker
- Superior sound in a very compact enclosure
- Wide-dispersion coaxial driver for broad, even coverage; superb off-axis response
- Small footprint, visually appealing
- Only 7-1/4" face diameter
- Installs in wide range of ceiling types
- For 70V and low-impedance systems
- Selectable power taps via front-mounted control (under grille); 16, 8, 4, 2, 1 watts at 70V
- 16-ohm input setting for low-impedance systems (selectable via front-mounted control, under grille)
- Quick wiring with removable plug-in connector
- Plug-in connector provides loop-through terminals for next speaker
- Terminal cover provides knockout for flexible conduit connection
- Compounded rubber surround for lasting performance year after year
- Integral mounting clamps tighten quickly and firmly
- Attachment point for seismic safety cable
- Off-white textured finish easily painted to match room decor


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Product Name7 IN High Fidelity Ceiling Speaker


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