Garmin echo 301c Fishfinder Portable Bundle



echo 301c Fishfinder Portable Bundle

This kit is perfect for anglers who go from boat to boat, or those who fish from small vessels, kayaks, canoes, docks or even through the ice. The bundle includes a Garmin echo 301c, dual-beam transducer, sealed rechargeable AGM battery with AC smart charger, and suction cup transducer mount - all in a rugged frame, soft-sided carrying case.

The color echo 301c is a powerful, simple-to-use fishfinder featuring a built-in advanced HD-ID sonar with or without a 77/200 kHz transducer (supports 50/200 kHz transducer, sold separately).

The bright 3.5-inch color display is readable in sunlight. Its 2,400 W peak-to-peak power provides clear target separation and structure details down to 1,750 feet maximum. Smooth Scaling graphics provide uninterrupted imagery when switching between depth-range scales, and wide viewing-cone angles (60/120 degrees) optimize performance for use in deep or shallow water.

Mount and Go
It comes ready-to-go with a quick-release tilt/swivel mount and transom/trolling transducer mount kit. So you can get right to fishing.

Portable Kit
For even more versatility, use the portable kit to protect and carry your echo 301c while ice fishing, or on any boat, kayak, canoe or even off the end of a dock! The tough, durable case includes a sealed AGM rechargeable battery with smart charger, built-in transducer cable management and storage, and suction cup transducer mount and float.

Maximum depth dependent on transducer, water, salinity, bottom type and other water conditions.

NOTE: Color units will run for at least 8 hours across all temperatures provided the battery has been well cared for and maintained. The battery will take 5-8 hours to charge depending on the temperature and provided that the battery has been well cared for and maintained.

Other Technical Specifications:

Watts RMS - Max = 300W
Waterproof Rating = N/A
Transducer Type = N/A
Speed/Temp = N/A
Screen Size = 3.5"
Resolution (VxH) = 240 x 320
Included Transducer = Dual Beam
Frequency = 50/77/200 kHz

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